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    Take a look at all the new products at DPH Arms!! You’ll be sure to find the best quality parts and accessories.

    Shop our inventory of tactical handguards, trigger guards, tactical stocks , conversion kits and many more accessories today!

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    Saiga Accessory | Saiga S/H Fire Control Group | DPH Arms

    Saiga trigger | s/h fire control | DPH Arms

    Saiga S/H Fire Control Group

    Tromix Single Hook Fire Control Group – Modified Tapco Trigger assembly installs in every Saiga (except the Saiga-410 & the Saiga 100 Series) for a conversion where the trigger assembly is being moved forward.

    This kit [...]

    Saiga Tactical Furniture Package

    Saiga Tactical Package

    Saiga Tactical Furniture Package


    Check out DPH Arms-Saiga conversion kit, currently one of our specials!

    A great buy!

    Saiga’s at DPH Arms are higher quality, cheaper, and ample supply on hand compared to our competitors. 





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    Saiga Kick Lite 6 Position Stock

    Saiga Shotgun Kick Lite 6 Position Stock


    Saiga Kick Lite 6 Position Stock

    DPH Arms is proud to distribute the Saiga Kick Lite 6 Position Stock

    Engineered to greatly reduce the perceived felt impact of shotgun loads. Extremely popular with female shooters, youth and smaller framed individuals and even [...]

    Saiga 12 DPH Arms Improved Gas Plug Regulator


    It will work with all factory 12 ga shotguns to the ultra-shorty Short Barrled Shotguns.


    Check out a fan review for the Saiga 12 Gas Plug Regulator. This product is proudly made by DPH Arms!




    Check out the improved gas plug regulator on our website:


    AK Strikeforce Package


    AK Strikeforce Package

    If you like the AK but are a tall shooter, this may be exactly the accessory kit for you. It improves operator comfort and handling. This conversion kit fits all AK Variants (Stamped Receivers). Proudly made in the USA distributed by DPH Arms.



    Saiga Quad Rail System

    Saiga Quad Rail System 12ga Shotgun

    Saiga Quad Rail System 12ga Shotgun (UTG)

    The Saiga Quad Rail System 12ga Shotgun (UTG) is built from tough metal! This two piece construction makes for easy and rock solid installation. It fits Saiga 12 Ga. and compatible variants. It has great Zero Retention Capability for all accessories installed on the rails and requires [...]